Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson is a cosmetologist and herbalist. She is a great believer in the power of natural healing and is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge in hope to empower others in taking skincare and haircare into their own hands.

Born in Malaysia, she is a true Penangite at heart. Her love for natural beauty began when she embraced her curly hair. Before that, Rebecca struggled to love her hair. She went through most of her teenage years chemically straightening her hair which lead to hair loss and damage. At the age of 17, she was exhausted fighting it so she decided to ‘chop’ off all her straightened hair. She still remembers how nervous the hairstylist was cutting her hair but, with each snip she felt happier and free.

While Rebecca was in university, she actively concocted hair treatments and home remedies. After graduating in Performance and Media, she went to New York City to study Cosmetology in Aveda Institute New York where she had an in-depth education on hair, skin, and nails. Rebecca also battled acne, dehydration and hyperpigmentation. Through her research in herbalism, she created her own creams and serums using herbs and essential oils. Since then, she has been continually advancing her studies in herbalism.

Rebecca strongly believes in two things – knowledge is power and even a little green beauty makes a world of difference.


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