Daily Workouts


Want an intense cardio workout WITHOUT jumping or running around? Yes, you CAN burn calories and get an effective low impact cardio workout without hurting your knees. Get this workout done! Interval: 40secs Workout - 10secs Rest Total Workout Time: 15 mins Equipment: None. Estimated Calories Burned: 100 - 150 Cals Frequency: Every day! Exercises: [...]

Cardio, Core & Strength Circuit

CARDIO 1) Jumping Jacks with Burpees 2) Side Shuffles 3) Straight Punches 4) Switch Lunges STRENGTH 1) Squat with Shoulder Press 2) Lunge with Bicep Curl 3) Shoulder Tap Push-up 4) Bridge Chest Press CORE 1) Plank Walk with Side Knee Tucks 2) Alternate Leg Lifts 3) Alternate Knee Tucks 4) Straight Arm Superman Interval: [...]
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