Daily Workouts

6 Best Hip Toning Exercises

These are 6 hip toning exercises I do regularly!! No weights needed!! Add them into your fitness routine and, you will see results! Exercises: 1) Curtsy Lunge 2) Sumo Squat Pulses 3) In & Out Low Squat 4) Spiderman Plank 5) Plank Hip Dips 6) Knee Hops Interval: 30secs Workout 10secs Rest Sets: 2 (advance, [...]


Are you ready for the 10,000 CALORIE Challenge in 30 Days?! Your goal is to burn 10,000 calories in 30 days. You're going to burn an average of 340 calories every single day through exercising! It's not difficult, it's very possible! Let's do this together!! This workout is cardio base circuit to get your heart [...]

Exercises for Back Pain

With our lifestyle nowadays, a lot of us to suffer from Lower Back Pain. Lower Back Pain can be due to weak and also tight muscles. Watch this video to know the exercises that can help to reduce lower back pain and exercises you should avoid to make it worse! AVOID 1) Full Sit-ups 2) [...]

Long & Lean Calf Exercises

Slim down and tone your calves with these six best calf-slimming exercises. Interval: 45secs Workout 15secs Rest Sets: 2 (advance, aim for 3 - 4 sets) Rest: 60 secs in between circuits Total Workout Time: 12 mins Exercises: 1) Jumping Rope 2) In & Out Steps 3) Shuffle 4) Squat Jump 5) Single Leg Calf [...]
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